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TAXES - Small Business Edition

TAXES - Small Business Edition

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Are you a small business owner?  If so this ebook is for YOU! 

You challenged yourself on a  path for a career, you're doing what you  absolutely love, you are your own boss. You are the artist, the marketing team, the customer service team, the employee, the payroll, the front end, the back end and you are the ACCOUNTANT. Most of us are the best at what we do and the services we provide.  When it comes to paperwork and numbers we are new to it and have no idea  how it all works. That's where I come in; This ebook will guide you and give you the background knowledge you need to understand the tax portion of running your business! 


GRAB YOUR COPY & Get the most out of tax this season!


Please be aware that this is a digital copy & you will receive a download after purchasing!

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