Brand Ambassador Program


Step into the limelight with our esteemed Brand Ambassador program - an illustrious opportunity to unveil your artistry, radiate affection for our brand, and indulge in the epitome of opulence with our High QUALITY products!

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by a fellow Nail Tech for the collective benefit of our esteemed community, our product line embodies a commitment to elevating the standards of craftsmanship and luxury within the realm of nail artistry.

As esteemed members of the Lavish Vanity Shop Brand Ambassador team, you will be entitled to an array of privileges, including but not limited to: early access to our latest product offerings, exclusive discount codes ensuring perpetual savings on all Lavish Vanity Shop acquisitions, commission-generating discount codes for your followers, privileged access to sample products preceding official launches, and an assortment of additional benefits tailored to enrich your journey.


To uphold the integrity of our esteemed ambassadorial cadre, we have outlined certain prerequisites:

  • Prior acquisition and genuine affinity for our products, emblematic of your profound appreciation for our brand.
  • Demonstrated engagement with our digital presence, evidenced by your active following of @lavishvanityshop on Instagram
  • A minimum threshold of 500 followers on your social media nail account, indicative of your influence within the nail artistry community.
  • Proficiency in content creation, as evidenced by your ability to produce captivating photos and videos spanning various formats, including tutorials, demonstrations, swatch sessions, and unboxing ceremonies.


If you perceive yourself as a fitting candidate to grace our esteemed team, we cordially invite you to communicate your interest by means of an email dispatched to, encompassing the following details:

  • Your full name and contact information, including a valid phone number.
  • Your Instagram or TikTok handle, serving as a gateway to your digital persona.
  • A reflective narrative elucidating why you believe yourself to be an ideal addition to our team.
  • An inventory detailing the Lavish Vanity Shop products that currently graces your collection.
  • A screenshot encapsulating the engagement metrics of your two most recent social media posts 


Rest assured, each applicant shall receive our earnest response within the span of 1-7 business days 💌