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Acrylic Nails E-Book

Acrylic Nails E-Book

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Being a nail technician without any help or guidance will cause difficulties for you when trying to reach your goals in the nail industry. However, having a mentor will help you beyond measure. The best way to learn is by learning from other nail professionals and the mistakes they have done in the early stages of their careers so you wont have to!

This PDF format acrylic nail e-book is filled with knowledge about nail anatomy, nail structure, how to properly use an e-file and drill bits, how to do acrylic nails from start to finish including nail preparation, tip and acrylic application, ombre, encapsulation, marble, various nail art, sanitation and infection control, marketing strategies and much more!

This book will show you everything you need to know about acrylic nail extensions. This book is made to guide beginners and advanced individuals on their journey. 

Take this time to learn a new skill and invest in the most important thing... YOURSELF! Take this quarantine time to practice, master your skill and come out ready to slay... they’ll be ready for you!

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